London’s Calling

Sarah Kraman

I went abroad to Oxford and Cambridge to present my research. I want to start by saying, when I first found out about the opportunity, I scoffed. I thought there is no way I was going to get up in front of a room of people at Oxford or Cambridge and present my research. However, the harder I worked on my paper and the more time I thought about it, the more I thought when else in this life am I going to have this kind of opportunity? So, I decided to put my feet in the water and apply for a scholarship which would seal my fate, going or not. A few weeks later, my professor reached out and said I would be awarded the scholarship… there is was, I’m going.
A few weeks after that, my research was finalized, and I was heading to the United Kingdom for the first time.
The trip changed my life. I met some of the smartest people I have ever met on the trip. I learned from my peers, made new friends and most importantly discovered things about myself I didn’t know. Before the trip, I didn’t know that I could pack lightly. I didn’t know that I could present research and warrant applause from it. I didn’t know that I love London, I am fascinated with Oxford and Cambridge on a Saturday night can be a little dodgy. I am forever grateful for Dr. Carraher for organizing the trip and making each and every experience so memorable. Thank you and as they say in London, Cheers!

– Sarah Kraman, faculty-led program, Regional Management Area Studies – UK, Summer 2018