What’s a better time to travel abroad?

Traveling thWeissfield for bloge world on your own could seem intimidating at first but what a better chance to do it when you’re still young. Interning abroad in Israel this summer gave me an opportunity to get professional experience outside the US, travel Israel, and form friendships that will last for years. The opportunity to go explore a new country on the weekends was incredible. Taking trips by myself, and with friends had a different dynamic than I initially anticipated, which taught me a lot about myself, creating memories for a lifetime. Traveling to the dead sea (the lowest place on earth), the western wall, swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, and getting my scuba diving license at the 2nd most northern reef in the world have been incredible, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Please do yourself a favor, seize this amazing opportunity and go travel!

– Adi Weissfield, Internship in Israel, Summer 2018

Ciao Italia!

Ciao Italia!

Every tourist I met that had traveled to other countries always said Italy was their favorite. And now I see why. Italy has everything you could want in a study abroad trip. I mean can we just talk about the food for a quick second? I could not wait to wake up every morning and eat. The food is so authentic and rich with flavor; it is worth every calorie. It is fresh and even though you are eating lots of carbs it does not make you feel bloated or guilty. Every city has something different to offer. From the street food in Florence, to the sauce in Bologna, to the pasta in Verona, everything was life changing. Ten out of ten would recommend going out of your comfort zone with food in Italy.

Along with the food, comes the beautiful people who create it and serve it. Every one in Italy loves their country and could talk endlessly about it. The culture in Italy is so much more relaxed, completely opposite of the United States. Italians like to really appreciate their food and socialize so meals can last from two to three hours. Stores close everyday from one to three thirty in the afternoon and almost all stores close Sundays. There is also a huge tradition of having aperitivo in the evening everyday. Which is when friends come together to socialize over a drink and enjoy a dinner after their workday. This was one of my favorite things to do in Italy because you can see locals truly value the time they have to spend with close ones. Every Italian is so sociable and eager to make connections with new people.

Everything you think studying abroad will be is true! From the beautiful scenery, the delicious food, to the unforgettable people, it is all true. I never realized just how much studying abroad would change my life. With strangers, who ended up becoming life long friends, I made unforgettable memories. Everyone will experience different things like culture shock, homesickness, difficult people or even uncomfortable situations but that’s the beauty of getting to be in foreign country. It can help you appreciate the beauty of not knowing anything and leaving with a whole new perspective of life.

The little city of Verona will always have a place in my heart. And I will always recommend studying abroad to anyone who is looking for an unforgettable adventure.

-Vanessa Ortiz Non-Affiliated Program in Italy, Summer 2018