My International Internship Experience

In the summer of 2018, I got a chance to complete an international internship as a finance intern in a company located in Pune, India. The interesting aspect of this internship experience was not the traveling or residential experience in India but increasing my knowledge about corporate Finance. You may be wondering as to why living in India was not the highlight of my trip! I have lived in India for nine years. My family owns a house in Pune. So, though I got a chance to complete an international internship in my home city, I did not have to worry about any transportation or residential issues. However, does that mean that my trip was boring. Of course not! I got a chance to meet all my school friends and most importantly my relatives. I also enjoyed eating street food as I was craving it since I came back to the US. I even got to enjoy the night life in Pune. While these were the things that I did, I would also like to talk about my internship experience.

I was offered the internship through an official network connect. Having just completed my freshman year, I was not sure what to expect out of the internship as this was my first opportunity as an intern. With multiple discussions about the internship tasks with my undergrad advisor, I finally decided to take a leap into the opportunity. I also received a scholarship from my university which was a feather in the cap and my journey to India began.

Throughout the course of the internship, I got a chance to interact with the CEO of the company, the President of the US company and even the financial head of the US entity. My internship experience included tasks of analyzing excel spreadsheets to setting up meetings with 3rd party vendors. Throughout the internship my mentor Richa Singh played a key role in assigning me tasks and explaining me what output was expected.

As a part of my internship, in my first assignment I had to research and find out how the credit rating of a company is determined. This also included obtaining a DUNS number for the company. A DUNS number helps a potential client determine whether the company it wants to do business with, is financially stable or not. It also gives ratings based on awards won by the company and present number of employees. As a part of this assignment I got a chance to set up a meeting between the CEO of e-Zest Solutions Ltd and some representatives of the credit rating issuing company, Dun and Bradstreet. As a part of the assignment, I even got a chance to get an overview of how a corporate company’s financials are interpreted.

Amongst many other tasks, I also was told to create a sales report for the US entity. This sales report helped me analyze the funds a company is willing to invest on business trips. I got a good overview of how a company distributes its work by analyzing work orders. This analysis included making key changes to pre- made working orders like adding jobs offered by the company based on a project and the salary offered for these jobs. It also included analyzing grammatical errors. This task helped me improve my knowledge of Microsoft Word; overview of the shortcuts used in word which would particularly help me in my completion of a MS Word certification.

At the end of the internship I realized my decision to take up the opportunity was indeed the best one. I will be able to apply the knowledge gained in 6 weeks throughout different courses in the curriculum.

–  Abhishek Joshi, Internship in India, Summer 2018