Lithuania – The Most Underrated Country in Europe

Lithuania for blog

Early December, I competed in Creative Shock’s International Social Business Case Competition against 400+ universities, 100+ countries, and 1,750+ participants. My team consisted of four freshmen competing in an undergraduate and graduate level competition. We spent 10 hours overnight on a social business case, and created a detailed advertisement campaign in 9 hours during the day.

The top 10 teams qualified, and my team placed 5th, thus advancing to finals in Vilnius, Lithuania. The competition was organized by students in the the International School of Management in Vilnius. Through the cultural presentations and networking events/opportunities, I was able to meet highly talented individuals from Thailand, the UK, Canada, India, Georgia, etc. It was truly the most extraordinary experience I have ever had, and I am so grateful to have been a part of this as a first year student.

– Lourdes Buksh, Independent Study in Lithuania, Fall 2018

Oxford Research and London Exploration

UK for blog Mathew (At Stonehenge before arriving in London.)

The opportunity to travel with friends overseas is an experience that will stick with me, and my new friends, forever. I would never have met most of the students who traveled alongside me if it weren’t for this trip to England and the chance, we had to present our research paper at Oxford. Not only did I learn the culture and learn some of the small differences in England. I got do it alongside my peers. Anything we noticed that was slightly different compared to the U.S. we all pointed out to each other. For example, customer service was much different, but the people were so kind to foreigners and knew where to suggest we visit for the true experience. The best views in England was seeing the mix and match of new buildings alongside the old ones, being able to climb to the top of a church and seeing the city.
The chance to present my research to both colleagues and recognized researchers at such an iconic building was an amazing experience. It was nice getting to see how important research is, not just for personal knowledge, but as it affects the global community. There was a lot I learned from being able to see everyone’s presentations, but the education wasn’t held to only that. While at Stonehenge I was able to learn about the extensive history England has. Seeing how far back some of the architecture and history goes as compared to America truly is extraordinary. One of the most impressive things that I had a chance to do was to visit the British Museum and then ride the London Eye. Not only was it fun, but the amount of priceless world treasures that you could see really surprised me.

–  Marilyn Mathew, Faculty-led in the United Kingdom, Fall 2018

Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom

One of the most prestigious, adventurous, challenging, and fun experiences of my life has Oxford for Blogbeen my one week in the United Kingdom. With the adrenaline rush, city lights, different culture surrounded by a great group of classmates and our professor, the UK regional management trip was a success! Exploring Oxford University and having the opportunity to present my research over Digital marketing in the United Kingdom has been an extraordinary experience that has changed my life forever. The presentation at Rhodes house gave me so much confidence in myself and knowledge I never knew I could ever gain. Research is a huge part of making our educational systems successful and is necessary to carry out courses, textbooks and information to grow the generation and keep on working for success. My research focused on Digital marketing compared between the United Kingdom and the United States. Also, on this trip I made connections with people that I met will change my life forever. Furthermore, exploring Oxford and London, and it’s culture has been extremely fun and adventurous, the appreciation of art at the museums, the appreciation of history in every angle that I turn. If I can ever reflect on this trip in more than one paragraph it would be a whole book of reflections! My life has changed forever after the UK regional management trip and I am proud to say I haven’t visited multiple universities in the United Kingdom and have presented a research in them.

–  Farah Nashat, Faculty-led in United Kingdom, Fall 2018