Summer Internship in Australia

It was my second semester at The University of Texas at Dallas, and I was presented with an opportunity. The chance to apply for an international internship in Australia. I applied, then came the day of the interview, and like any other person – I was a bit nervous. The interview went well, Shannon and Caitlin are nice people, and are passionate about what they do at HungryHungry. Caitlin is the investment adviser for HungryHungry, and Shannon is one of the founders of the company. I am also thankful to everyone from Education Abroad & Jindal Abroad at UT-Dallas they helped me with any questions I had throughout the application process.

JuanDays later I heard back, I had been offered a position at HungryHungry as a Data Analyst Intern. So, I did what anyone in my position would do, hopped on a plane and headed to Australia. My first day of work went great; we interns were introduced to the team. I met Elizabeth my mentor and also met Caitlin and Shannon in person. I met my fellow intern colleagues, Dillion, Audrey, Remsha, and Fazila. I received a basic introduction to MySQL, Google Analytics, and was shown all the different Data projects I would be working. I learned about HungryHungry’s ambition to grow. It’s part of the company OrderMate, but at the same time, it is aiming to be something different. HungryHungry is a new platform with the goal of reshaping the restaurant and beverage industry. To provide customers a tailored eating experience, whether it is in-venue, takeaway or delivery, and learn of any dietary preferences a customer may have.

The weeks went by, and now as my time at HungryHungry is coming to an end. I realize that this internship helped me grow in ways I could have never imagined possible. I was fully exposed to Microsoft Excel and worked on projects to visualize data into charts and graphs. I also worked with April who is in charge of Finance for OrderMate. I worked on a research project to see possible prospective markets in certain parts of the world. I looked into the different levels of tax implications that came along with that. I was also introduced to sales pitch training with the great Caitlin as our mentor. I had the pleasure to experience an Australian Football game, and I had a great time. Mark, who is one of the founders – is very knowledgeable when it comes to Australian Football. Thanks to him, I was able to follow the game fairly well. Melbourne is city that is very passionate about Australian Football.

My Dad, Juan Sr. has worked in the restaurant/hospitality business since he arrived from Mexico in his early twenties. Time passed, and I too started working in the restaurant industry. Little by little, I started to understand the love my Dad had for the restaurant business. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work for a company that is trying to be an innovator in the restaurant/hospitality industry my dad and I love so much. I am grateful, for never in my wildest dream did I think I would have the opportunity to travel half-way across the world and work for HungryHungry in Australia. I would recommend to anyone that’s pursuing an international internship opportunity, to do your best, and go for it. As my Education Abroad Advisor, Alissa, told me “The experience will more than justify all the visa and international application paperwork” and it did and much more. Traveling is something I’m very passionate about and I can safely say that my summer internship in Australia changed me in more ways than one. I was able to further my growth as a person, I experienced a new culture, and had the opportunity to work in an international setting.

-Juan Mendoza, Internship in Australia, Summer 2019